[Translation] ALGEBRA OF SENSE
[Translation] ALGEBRA OF SENSE
Sergey PshenichnikovSign sequences (for example, verbal and musical texts) can be turned into mathematical objects. Words and numbers have become one entity, a representation of a matrix unit, which is a matrix generalization of integers and a hypercomplex number. A matrix unit is a matrix in which one element is equal to unit, and the rest are zeros.If the words of the text are represented by such matrices, then concatenation (combination while maintaining order) of words and texts becomes an operation of adding matrices.You can perform transformations with texts using algebraic operations, for example, dividing one text by another with a remainder. Mathematically recognize the sense of text and calculate the context of words. In this case, algebra helps to interpret all the intermediate stages of calculations.A person sees and hears only what he understands (J.W. Goethe). Understands what he attaches sense to as significant for him. Sense is subjective and depends on the interests, motivations, and feelings of different people.L. S. Vygotsky distinguished between the concepts of «sense» and «meaning»: «if the «meaning» of a word is an objective reflection of a system of connections and relationships, then « sense» is the introduction of subjective aspects of meaning according to a given moment and situation».According to G. Frege, «meaning» are properties, relationships of objects, «sense» is only part of these properties. In this case, both “meanings” and «sense» are called one «sign», for example a word. Two people can choose from a list of meanings for one word two non-overlapping fragments (two senses) to interpret it. Read more
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